The Young Professionals Network Colchester - Iain Finch on AssertivenessOn Tuesday 25th August, we held another successful Colchester YP Masterclass tucked up in the top of the The Stockwell pub. The Masterclass was run by Iain Finch who is a widely accomplished, ambitious, inspirational leader with extensive management experience. Now working as the Site Services manager (a Head of Department role), at  Chapman Ventilation he previously served in the Royal Navy for 23 years. His other positions have included an oceanographer and a prison governor, as well as operations management in the UK and the Middle East.

Iain gave a fantastic presentation around the theme of “Assertiveness and Confidence”, sharing his experiences of leading teams in high pressured environments. Iain’s warming and professional presence made for a motivating and inspiring session.


Here were Iain’s final top tips for keeping “Assertive in the Workplace”:

– Be honest and be direct.

– Make people believe in you and get them to buy into you.

– Come up with a method/strategy that works for you.

– Speak in their terms – find a method of communication that works best.

– Make sure you understand the culture and business approach of the people and the company who’ve made you an offer before accepting the role; if you don’t fit it can be a really deflating experience.

– You are what your social media profile says you are.

He even shared with us his fantastic model for assertiveness called “The Fire Triangle of Life”, which shows how our relationships, employment situation and accommodation all play key factors in enhancing our confidence and success.

Massive thanks to Iain for delivering such a great Masterclass, and we hope anyone who missed it this time can come along to the next one!

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