Why bother

Having a mentor is like having a critical friend who is going to push and stretch you to develop your career in the right direction for you. It is really useful to get an external and second opinion on your abilities, up key skills and maximising your potential. It is also good to have someone challenging you and encouraging you. Each mentoring relationship is different – some more formal than others and some mentoring relationships are more structured with regular meetings and agendas others more ad-hoc and informal. The most important thing is to find someone you get on well with and see as a good role model and who has the time for you.

Who do you choose?

Seniority and experience within your industry can be beneficial when choosing a mentor however this can also mean they have limited time and a bias towards your career path so an external person to your organisation can be mire beneficial. It is worth doing a personal development plan and thinking first what you want from a mentoring relationship and who would be the most beneficial for you. Use your contact database and linkedIn to find potential mentors, also ask friends and family members and look out for people at networking events and through professional associations.

Don’t jump in to a mentoring relationship!

It is a bit like dating! You want to test the waters first, go for a coffee/drink and see how you get on and whether this person is what you are looking for and you have the right dynamic

Once you’ve found someone you like to be your mentor establish some rough ground rules and have a discussion around expectations on both sides so that you are on the same page and not expecting too much of each other

Review after a year and see whether this is still working for you (and for them) and whether you want to continue with the mentoring relationship and whether it has been successful/the support you needed. If it hasn’t, can you re-structure your sessions or do you need someone else as your mentor?

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  1. Emese B,

    Having a mentor can truly make all the difference. Committing to our personal growth and having someone who motivates and inspires us can greatly help in our success.

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