We are incredibly excited to have opened our official office in Ipswich at the end of September. The whole team have rolled up their sleeves up and got themselves stuck into transforming a Historic Merchants Building on the Ipswich Waterfront into our new home.

With the help of Interior Architecture and Design student Kasia Nowicka, the office was designed and created from top-to-toe with bright colours, circus equipment and plenty of space with career resources. We started with a blank space and creative imaginations to transform it into our inviting new home.

Kasia created some fantastic sketches of ideas for the space – most of which have been brought directly to life! She has provided us with more information as to how she came up with the visions for our fabulous space:

“The window display was very important as it needs to encourage people to walk in. So, following the circus theme I designed striking red and white panels lighten up by spot lights. Additionally to make it clearer what Career Circus offers I have used their rounded blue icons hanging on invisible strings, giving the impression of a 3D Illusion.

The reception desk is also important as it is the welcoming area, and needs to look professional and intriguing. Bearing in mind that the rest of the design has strong colors I wanted to keep this section as neutral as possible, so the dominant color is grey with white accents, with LED lights under the reception desk to help achieve a smart look.

For the feature wall I painted it with red and white stripes, copying the pattern from the window panels. The Career Circus logo was printed and mounted onto form board and hung on the stripy wall, bordered by LED lights.

The purpose of the stage area is very varied so we had to organize the space in a clever and efficient way. I decided on a green, red and black palette with funky furniture and circus characteristics to complete the space.

The most exciting part is the outdoor space with artificial grass and circus equipment. It went through a redesigning process as the initial idea incuded a gypsy caravan so people could have some privacy. Due to circumstances, I changed the caravan to a circus tent with built in seating covered in firm foam with cushions to make it comfortable.”

So, after all of Kasia’s designs and nights of cleaning, painting and building we have reached to what we believe is a fantastic outcome. We’d like to thank Kasia massively for her fantastic designs and commitment to the project.

If you are ever in the Ipswich area, please do come in and see it all for yourself – we’d love to see you here!!!


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