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The New Year will soon be upon us and many people may be in the market for a new career. The thing is, how do you know which career fields are the ones that are not only in demand but also offer stability? By looking at careers that are trending we will see the fields that are not only high in demand right now but they will also be the ones that will be sustainable in the future. That means that the jobs we will look at today will be stable enough to pursue.

That is what we will be talking about today. We are going to take a look back over the past year and see what the trends are in the job market. Are you ready?

BuildYourCareer1. Software Developers

Software developers are the ones who create computer programs. As everything is going to digital and computers, this is a job field that has seen a growth explosion and will offer incredible job stability in the future. What you will need for this career is a BS in computer science. Once you have that and find your career, you could earn an average of £57,367 each year plus perks and benefits.

2. Accountants

Accountants will never see a decline in job stability. As long as there are governments and those governments charge taxes, accountants will always be needed. Not only do accountants make sure that both individuals and corporations have the assistance they need to fill out all of the complicated tax forms and decide what is owed or what will be refunded to their clients, they also prepare credible financial statements for companies that are publicly traded. There is an ever present need not only for companies to file financial statements that have been audited but also to ensure their clients and everyone else that what they are doing is above board and quite ethical, as well as legal. If you wish to look into becoming an accountant, you will need at the very least a BS in either accounting or another related field. Potential first year earnings are projected at £37,856 per year.

3. Marketing Research Specialist or Analyst

This is the third best career from 2013. Not only can you make an average of £37,119 per year with this career, the demand for this career is expected to see a potential growth explosion of 41% in the next 6 years. Persons interested in this field not only need an undergraduate degree in business but they must also possess very strong skills in logic and analysis.

4. Computer Systems Analyst

Earning a median salary at £47,243 per year, computer systems analysts are the people who study the computer systems of businesses and then offer suggestions as to what improvements could be made or even which software will be more efficient for the needs of the business. Most of these analysts must possess a degree in computer science.

5. Human Resources

As you may know, human resources personnel are the people who interview and then place employees within businesses. They also deal with training, payroll and benefits. Human resources personnel are generally required to have at least a minimum of some education that is post-secondary. They do not all require having a degree though. This career shows a median salary of £32,518 per year.

Those are the top 5 careers for 2013. Did you see anything that interested you?

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