With our first bank holiday of the summer here in the UK, not only is it time to dust off the BBQ but it is time to get cracking with advancing your career and we are here to help!

This week we launched ‘Career Tricks’ which is a weekly email full of great career and professional development tips and tricks. Kicking off with tips on how to build a fab LinkedIn profile, sign up to receive these emails by clicking here

We have also been busy organising a line-up of exciting summer events, including:

– Job Search Essentials 8 week programme – for those that actively want to get a new job by August 2015.

– Career Change Masterclass – for experienced professionals who are thinking about making a career change. I will share my expertise on how to do this in 3 steps.

–  Monthly ‘Your Career, Your Life’ webinars – a regular taster for those at the first steps of thinking about making a career change or setting some career goals.

– The next set of #YPNetwork events including a masterclass on ‘Super-heroic Leadership.´


Just a reminder that as well as these group events we also offer individual sessions and coaching packages for those that are looking to make a career change or get their first steps on the career ladder. More details on our ‘Develop’ pages.

Look forward to hearing from you and our updated contact details are below.

Best wishes,

– Saffron


E-Mail: saffron@careercircus.co.uk  

Mobile: 07896 783772

Office: 020 3005 4932

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