Kickstart Your Career for 2015
 Welcome to 2015! What will this year bring for you? If you are a traditionalist like myself then you would have diligently set yourself some New Years Resolutions – everything from getting healthier, fitter and being more successful in your career. Sound familiar? 

Now we are entering our 2nd week of January some of those resolutions may be crumbling away – either never started or starting to tailor off. Yes, we have those great intentions to be good and focused but then reality hits. Life happens. Things get in the way. 

So, how can we make sure that we don’t lose complete focus and get 2015 off to a great start? 

My advice is simple – you need to strip back, focus and be resilient. 

If we first focus on career and job resolutions for 2015 (for example you may be looking for a new career, a promotion or to be more productive and efficient in your current role) I have put together a three point methodology to make ensure our resolutions stick and work. Our first step is to ‘strip back’ and this does not involve wearing no clothing in the office! What I am referring to here is having a career detox……

Step 1: Perform a career detox

Take a look at your career to date, be totally honest with yourself and ask yourself my magic key questions about your current situation: what is good/you enjoy? what is bad/you dread getting up in the morning for? What is holding you back? What aren’t you doing which you know you should be doing? How could you make your career even better? 

Step 2: Focus on the goals you want to achieve

Now that you have taken a deep look in the career mirror it is time to choose 2-3 areas of development and advancement that you would like to work on for 2015. For example my areas of development are to be more efficient with my email management and to write more career blogs for Career Circus and other career sites. These 2 areas will be my focus and I have identified how many blogs I want to do and how I will manage and keep on top of my email account. 

Step 3: Work on your plan and be resilient 

Now we must not forget that there is a reason that these are areas for development or not been done before. It could be ourselves that are the barriers or it could be other people, the industry or the economy (if you are looking for higher paid jobs) so we need to have a plan that works with these factors and not against them.  In order for these goals to be achieved and resolutions met we also need to be resilient in the face of any obstacles and barriers that come along. Ensuring you have plan b’s and robust resources and people around to help you. If it all goes ‘pete tong’ then pick yourself up and start again – this is the year you will not be defeated! No excuses, you want the change to happen; you need to be resilient.


As we all know taking time to plan and prepare is invaluable but you also need to choose the right developmental goals to work on. There is no point in trying to stop doing something you are not ready to stop doing as it will never work. Choose the right goals for you and your circumstances now, other goals can wait until next year. Remember the tortoise wins the race. 

Once you have this nailed then you can align it to your personal resolutions or maybe you are feeling invincible today and will set yourself those 2-3 career goals and 2-3 personal goals. You go for it! Make 2015 a successful year and if you do use my 3 step process to refine those resolutions and goals then let us know how you get on and if we can help with any further coaching support. 

Best wishes, 


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Saffron Fidgett is the Chief Career Ringmaster here at Career Circus Ltd. She is always happy to help you move forward in your career, you can contact her at 

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