This post marks the start of a whole new series on the Career Circus blog! We plan to share our favourite tools in the #TeamCircus tent with you, in a short and sweet format. If you know of some tools we might like, Marie would love to hear your suggestions. These posts will be written by different team members, so you get different angles every time!

I am weak for any sort of well-designed and clean app, but especially the ones that I actually keep using after the first week. Lately I have become with the combination of two apps from the same company: Any.Do and Cal. Since they are from the same company and this is the first Tent Tools ever, I figured you would accept a double-post!


  • Cal’s simple but functional design makes it easy to quickly spot what you are doing, when, where and with who.
  • The swipes you can use are natural and makes more sense than loading the app with buttons everywhere.
  • The randomised backgrounds are always beautiful and will make anybody’s mood better!

Available on: iOS & Android


  • The way Any.Do integrates seamlessly with Cal, makes it easy to plan out your week with a good balance between appointments and tasks, and allows easy access to your to-dos.
  • The plan your day-feature is amazing and I find that it definitively improves my productivity level that the app prompts me to plan my to-dos in the morning.
  • The ability to sort tasks by both day and folder decreases the likeliness of me building a beautiful chaos of my tasks, and shows me where my attention is needed, which is especially useful when working from home!

Available on: iOS & Android

#TeamCircus as a whole hopes you like this new series, and we hope you come back for more Tent Tools in the future! Grab your YP Summer Party-invitation on the way out. 😀

What do you think about Tent Tools?
– Marie


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