Still unsure of what career path to take? Finding the right career choice can be an immensely hard and daunting undertaking. Self-assessment is an important process that you need to take prior to making any decisions regarding your career. It has to be related to the things that capture your interest.

SELF-ASSESSMENT- FINDING THE RIGHT CAREER CHOICEEvaluating your current skills must also be co-related with these interests because your ultimate goal is to find a job that you will love. It has to be something that fuels your passion otherwise it will be very easy for you to hate your job and quit. If you want to be in the right career path then you need to know yourself and this is where self-assessment is very crucial.

Start by discovering what activities you are interested with and what skills that you have can complement these activities. In this way, you will be able to determine which potential careers are suited for you.

The next step is to find people who have these kinds of jobs and get more information and details about it such as:

The skills that are essential for the job position:

Sure you may have an idea on the required skills for this job but getting details from the people who currently have this job is certainly much more advantageous.

The requirements to get the job:

There might be prerequisites that you might not be aware of and this is where having a contact from the inside can be an advantage since they can give you a heads up on how to enhance your job application.

The day-to-day activities when you take this job:

You need to know how the job is going to be like every day. Is it going to be just as how you imagined it or is it completely different?

Once you have a better understanding of this job, the next important step is to determine if the job meets your current lifestyle as this will clearly show if you have made the right career choice. Some of the important factors include:

The compensation:

Finding the job that you enjoy should also be giving you proper compensation. Yes, you may be doing the things that you love but it should also be enough to pay your bills and cover your expenses unless you want to be a volunteer.

The working hours/days:

The days or hours that you need to report for work should also be amenable to you and not just for your employer. It has to be a job that still gives the free time that you need to accommodate your personal activities like family time, vacation, et al.

The travel time to get to work:

If a job will require you to travel for 5 hours or more every day to report for work then it might be wise to reconsider this position.

Bear in mind that there will always be some positive and negative aspects but the bottom line here is that you need to weigh them in impartially before pursuing a certain career to avoid disappointments and find complacency. Your goal is to find a job that gives you passion and purpose and this can only be achieved with a balanced self-assessment.


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