linkedinI always advise my career clients that your CV and your LinkedIn profiles should be ‘work in progress’ updating and adding to them on a monthly basis to ensure they are up to date. When I was doing a bit of ‘tidying’ on my profile the other day I noticed that my summary section was something I hadn’t amended in over a year and I fancied sprucing it up…thinking it was perhaps not that engaging and a bit too long (problem I always have)…

So I started to do a bit of research! A site called LinkedIn Insights was giving some useful advice about ‘telling your story’ and that buzz words apparently ‘are so 2015!’ Hmmm, that is confusing as I thought it was good to include key/buzz words that people used in the search filters?!

My mind then started to wander to career branding and having a slogan – what could mine be ‘people person?’ ‘results focused’ and ‘social entrepreneur trying to make a difference’ they all seem so cliché and those ‘buzz words’ that are not recommended. Maybe I should try and be honest and say what I feel rather than those clichés, so what am I really feeling ?? – Tired, stressed, overworked and in need of a holiday! Best not to be honest then!

fish-959636_960_720I’m in the process at the moment of becoming an MBTI facilitator and loved having my profile completed as it totally resonated with me. Maybe I don’t write a profile at all I just write 4 little letters….ENFP. After all, as my profile suggests I hate detail and I am creative – minimalist profile may just work! Or maybe I just say I am a ‘clownfish’ as that is what ENFP animal character is on the icloud personality test…. Does this show creativity or will people think I am just bonkers and love nemo! I do want to be creative and quirky to represent me and Career Circus but the other half of my career is a little more corporate, so I can’t go crazy talking about being a career ringmaster or can I?

Deciding to be a little more serious, I then came across this useful article on categorising the 5 different types of summary:

  • The ‘mission based summary’ – what your trying to achieve, starting broad and then specific in to what you do
  • The second is the ‘personality summary’ mix of personal values/attributes and professional characteristics
  • Or the ‘short and sweet’ a couple of lines, matter of fact to the point, maybe even some lists of words and bullet points
  • The ‘blended summary’ is a combination of those three – a few lines on each (quite a good option I think)
  • The last style is the ‘Accomplished summary’ which is more of a sales pitch – good for freelancers or those looking for work

Gosh lots of options and I need to keep it within 200 words….this is tough….more coffee needed!

After much deliberation and coffee and 2 weeks later after starting this mission, I have come up with this:


Phew! I will probably change it in a few weeks, but let me know what you think? I went for a combination of the 5 styles… Also would love to know how you have written your summaries and any tips you want to share, so please use the comments section below to get involved with the discussion!

Saffron Fidgett

Chief Career Ringmaster, Career Circus Ltd.

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