Every last year student both dreads and loves the idea of graduating: We dread it because of the risk that we don’t get a job quickly enough, or maybe we have to live with a minimum wage job at a store for the first couple of years after working ourself to exhaustion before nearly every deadline and exam. We love it because it means all that suffering is over, we are done, no more stuffy lecture halls and sleep deprivation. The thing is that even if I am not technically graduating (again) until next spring, I am one of those people dreading the option of going back to work in a shop when I am done studying, so I started early. 

Due to digital marketing – my field – being so overstuffed with people applying for jobs but (at least here in Norway) lacking the right jobs for all of them, I decided to take a different approach than the standard apply-and-wait-game: I created a subpage on my blog titled “10 Good Reasons to Hire Marie” and linked to it via my social media channels and in relevant Facebook groups where all the right people communicate about the business of digital.

On the page I included details of why my degree in English Literature and my current studies were important building blocks to what I assumed they would want me doing at their company, as well as soft skills, special interests, relevant work experience, fun facts and some of my work ethics. I also included my “wishlist” of what the perfect job would entail at the bottom, together with a link to my CV and contact information. I also mentioned what places I was looking to work, and when I will be done with my current education. I then linked the text to information about my different education, relevant articles and pages where they could find more information, and made sure the description explained where they would go if they clicked that particular link. 

After a couple of days I had three invitations to job interviews from people I have never before talked to, and one invitation to a lunch which later turned out to be an interview with a contact of mine from earlier networking efforts. 

I am currently still in the process of interviewing and sending work samples to the different companies, but I am amazed at the response and I know that two out of four jobs I would have never known about if it wasn’t for me reaching out to them!

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Marie Mathisen is the Digital Acrobat for Career Circus Ltd, she has a BA in English Literature from the University of Essex, and just started on a two year course on Digital Marketing & Communications in Norway, she is blogging about what to do with her life post-education. 

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