Amanda: Candy Floss Sculptor

Amanda: Candy Floss Sculptor
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Career Bio: My passion for design has been revived by my ability to multi task. My freelance work and full time job provide me with the ability to exercise my mind and produce a varied and rich portfolio of work. As a designer I like to be constantly stimulated by my surroundings, it is where I get my ideas from and where I can develop them.

Career Circus has been a pleasure to work for, not only have we provided Saffron’s business with a creative identity we have had fun developing and introducing new elements as the Career Circus grows. I am very grateful to be part of such a fantastic business idea as I believe Saffron has a remarkable amount of knowledge to share with people who are finding it hard to reach that next step in their career.

Career Catastrophe: During the summer holidays when I was studying for my degree I had a job editing school photographs. Class photographs were the most testing as you may have a teacher with their eyes closed in one picture and a child misbehaving in another. Therefore I had to make the best of what I had and retouch or heavily edit fingers out of noses and all sorts. Once edited, the pictures are proof printed before dispatch, luckily a picture I had edited was caught before being sent off. I had somehow cloned a child’s head and it was hovering in-between two other pupils. Needless to say from that day forward I have triple checked my work prior to print. Check, check and check again!!

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