It’s difficult this time of year to keep yourself motivated and focused at work whilst colleagues are away on holiday, you’re either waiting to go away or have already been  – so suffering with post holiday blues.  I am definitely in this category having just got married and back from a fabulous 2 week honeymoon.

So how do you keep yourself going to meet those deadlines and keep the boss happy? 

How To Keep Motivated At Work - Career CircusHow to find your motivationHow to find your motivation

  • Set yourself clear aims – Understand what your goals are and what the end project looks like.
  • Create a plan of how you will achieve your aims – Write down your objectives for every step of the way and put realistic time frames alongside them.  Identify what resources you will need to achieve certain objectives, are there other people involved that you need to consider in terms of timeframes.
  • Stay positive! – When you are feeling a bit sluggish and negative thoughts start creeping in.  Reflect back on some past successes in your job and positive feedback you have received.  Also grab a fresh air break to clear your mind and get you back into a more positive frame of mind and focused on those objectives. 
  • Have a good Work/life balance It’s always nice to have something to look forward to at the end of a days work, whether it is going to the gym to let off some steam or spending time with the family these all help to keep your motivation  going.  So take time to relax and re-charge your batteries.

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