Did you know we are a Social Enterprise?


Today is the very first official “Social Saturday”, a day to celebrate and buy from social enterprises – businesses just like us that put people and the planet first! Social Enterprises are a fantastic alternative in buying goods and services – investing your money into a business that operates for a greater cause, whether it be unemployment, food waste or supporting people that may not get support elsewhere.

If you haven’t heard of, or even bought from a Social Enterprise before today is the PERFECT day to start. Psssst…..Did you know that we are a Social Enterprise too?


So, Career Circus is a Social Enterprise – we reinvest our profits straight back into the business to keep our cost of services low and affordable for our clients. Also, as part of our Social Enterprise, we offer a variety of free and low-cost events to develop skills for young professionals, helping those that are not currently getting advanced or specialised support through their school, college, university or employer – we do this through our #YPNetwork!

So, have a search around to see what Social Enterprises you can find – you never know, there may be one right under your nose! We hope that Social Saturday will really kick off and that we will be celebrating it even more next year!

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