The resume is often overlooked simply because it never gets into the right hands. What is more important than the overall format and content of the resume is to know how to get it to the right person. For example, if I were to simply provide the best writing tips in resume development and the reader were to upload their resume onto any website with job vacancies we would have both wasted our time. Getting your dream job requires objectivity in identifying what it is that you want to do and then looking into the requirements for the position. 


It is important to identify your dream job and then target your job search. One of the best means to get in to the dream environment is to simply ask to volunteer. Often times, companies do not have any positions available but are accepting resumes for future openings. Once the resume is perfected, the job seeker can submit it with a message that states “interest in volunteer opportunities”. If the dream job is to work in a hospital, the job seeker can volunteer at the hospital until an opening is available. The targeting of the resume is more important than the perfect resume itself. Assuming all resumes are perfect, the targeted job seeker will have the best opportunity to receive the job offer. My listing of resume writing tips below describes how to effectively present your resume.

According to resume writing experts there are various types of resumes that are used to apply to careers in particular industries and resume formats that are designed specifically for certain career levels and jobs in the industry. Specifically, the hiring manager is looking for knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) within all resume formats. The job applicant must identify the most appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities to list in the resume that are necessary to complete the job.

Resume Writing Tips

  1. Use bullet points to emphasize the decisive and transitionary aspects of each job. The use of bullet points is to be used for resumes that must identify quantitative contributions in performance. Most often, jobs in sales and marketing are interesting in profit/loss, customer conversion rates, sales figures, and other quantitative data that can identify success in the field.

  2. Decide if you are entry-level or above. The resume format is important relative to the type of job. If the job description is asking for 10+ years of experience, the education should be placed at the bottom. The job and job experience are listed first. Use of the objective line is generally for entry-level resumes. The dream job probably will ask for a cover letter, which is an extended version of the objective statement.

  3. Determine resume length. The length can be somewhat tricky due to the finicky nature of hiring managers relative to experience and KSAs of the job applicant. A long resume has been my preference since the detail is reflective of the candidate’s experience. A short resume (1 page or less) is a general resume often using a chronological format. The short resume to get the dream job, if pursued by a person around 20 years old or younger, will be sufficient. If the dream job is at the executive corporate level, use of a lengthier resume with more detail to include publications and recommendations is more appropriate.

  4. Target a contact person. Your chances of success will increase in getting an interview or job offer if you target the resume to a specific contact. If the dream job is to get into sports, then find which position is your dream job and find employment at the middle school or high school level. Alternatively, applying to work as a concessions stand operator or floor usher can open other doors in sports requisite to the applicable KSAs of the job candidate.Career Circus Office

  5. If your intentions are to apply as a concessions stand operator as a means to get a position as a ticket salesman or other job with the team, then the Statement of Objective should state such as the objective of the job seeker. Often, the statement of objective can simply state ‘To Advance Upward in the Organization’ or similar. In addition, highlight all accomplishments that apply.

These resume writing tips are applicable to your dream job application. The importance of creating a resume that can reflect your experiences as well as your knowledge, skills, and abilities in a readable format is imperative. Without proper format, the resume may end up in the proverbial junk pile. To avoid this unfortunate result, prepare the resume to reflect the needs of the employer and the underlying skills of the job. The job application process is an end-to-end process that links your resume to your dream job. Be sure to review your resume for grammatical and punctuation errors and to update the information as necessary.

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