I’m sure everyone is aware of just how competitive the job market is right now, companies are downsizing left, right, and center. If you’ve been hitting the proverbial pavement job searching for whatever reason, be it redundancy, wanting to find a new career path, or simply wanting to jumpstart your career; you are not alone. And because of how “not alone” you are in your job search, just getting an interview is hard enough. For that reason, it’s imperative that on the big day, you not only have the right skills, you also need to look like the best candidate for the job.


If you decide to wear a dress, make sure it is interview appropriate, ie. a high neckline and appropriate skirt length. I find it’s best to avoid loud, busy prints, instead choose solid colors that flatter your skin tone. Dark colors create an image of power. Pale colors make you “people-friendly” and reds can be slightly overpowering on most people. Navy and grey are failsafe colours, which will allow you to feel confident yet comfortable.

Your outfit should be neatly ironed and pressed. Nothing gives away a lack of attention to detail more than wrinkled clothing. Also, make sure you wear appropriate lingerie and tights underneath. This will give you smooth lines and assure you don’t have visible panty lines.

Here at Libby London, we always style our dresses with minimal makeup and fuss-free hair. I think the same idea should apply in the workplace. Overdoing anything – be it makeup, hair or accessories, is distracting. My advice? Keep it simple. Lastly, when you look put-together, you tend to act that way. Exude confidence and go get ’em!


Image Courtesy of Libby London - Grove Berry, £185 - For The Career Circus BlogThe most common mistake new employees can make is underdressing. Making the right impression at work isn’t difficult if you keep in mind how you would like to be perceived by colleagues and clients. Dress as you want to be seen: reliable, professional, upward-bound and ready to meet clients. First impressions count for a lot, and it will affect how you are treated in your new position.

From my personal experience of working in investment banking, I found that if I wore something that was tight or short, clients loved having dinner with me, but when it came to doing business or trading, they wanted to work with my boss. On the other hand, if I wore something that was too frumpy, I found it difficult to get dinner meetings. For me, it’s all about balance. I think women need to wear something that empowers them and that they feel confident in, yet is comfortable enough to wear all day.




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Libby Hart founded her eponymous womenswear label ‘Libby London’ in 2011. Forging a successful career within top investment banks, being made a director at just 28, Libby dresses women she

knows and understands – women who demand as much from their wardrobe, as they do from themselves.

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