If you have that groundhog feeling – ‘wake up - go to work - get home - sleep – wake up – go to work’ and you are fed up of it then maybe it is time for a career change! Whether that means a change in jobs, industry, going back to study, taking a sabbatical and travelling around the world or starting your own enterprise – we would love to help!

Career Circus is here for you, no matter if you are a business, a individual, an organisation or unsure what you want to be. Please have a look at the information we provide on this website, and if you want to get in touch then do so. You can catch us on social media, e-mail, phone, or stop us in the street and we will develop your talent together - in a fun way!


One client we recently worked with was really struggling to secure a job at their appropriate experience and competency level. After a year of no success they came to us for help. We worked with them to professionalize their CV, write concise and stand out applications and we completed Mock Interviews to perfect interview skills, projecting confidence and excellent examples of their ability. Within a month a new job was secured and the client is now earning 70% more. Result!

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