A Pyrotechnician also known as a Pyrotechnic operator is someone who is licenced and trained to create technical visual displays. Most commonly they involve firework displays outdoors or indoor displays of flames, streamers and smoke machines for stage performances. This is certainly not a desk based role! It is very active, requires attention to detail, creativity and technical expertise.

Top Tips:

  • Research the training and qualifications needed, for some companies and roles advanced engineering background may be required (see links below)
  • Identify what type of pyrotechnics you would like to specialise in and find companies that specialise in those areas – see if you can shadow for the day and see what it is like or try out an ‘experience day’ as offered by Firework Training and see if it is something you would enjoy and have the right skills for
  • Prior to the ‘show’ the planning and preparation of the display, the equipment and the timing is essential – highly organised, patient people with high attention to detail work best in these roles

Useful Resources:

The working Life of a Pyrotechnic, The Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/money/2010/nov/06/working-life-pyrotechnics-expert

British Fireworks Association: http://www.b-f-a.org/

Advice and guidance for a career in pyrotechnics: http://ccskills.org.uk/careers/advice/article/pyrotechnician

Safety Regulations & required training information: http://www.stage-pyro.org.uk/news.php

BPA accredited courses: http://www.fantasticfireworks.co.uk/fireworks-training/

Experience Day, Firework Training: http://www.fireworktraining.co.uk/experience-day/

Behind the Scenes Blog on setting up shows: http://www.fireworksinternational.co.uk/behind-the-scenes-how-the-pros-set-up-fireworks-shows/


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