Is it for you?

  • Are you interested in peoples stories and unveiling exclusive information?
  • Do you take pride in the quality of your writing?
  • Are you a good researcher, getting the facts of a story together to make sure your articles have substance and interest for the reader/viewer
  • Do you work well in a fast paced and changing environment?

Top Tips:

  • Look in to all the options there are lots of different types of ‘Journalist’ roles from working on newspapers, magazines and editorial to working exclusively online and working in Broadcasting with TV and Radio opportunities. Which would suit your skills and interests more?
  • Get as much experience as you can – starting at a local small level and building your way up to bigger stories
  • Research and look in to qualifications and training for the area of journalism you are interested in
  • Share examples of the quality of your work and the style of your reporting by creating your own blog, WordPress site or YouTube channel – choose the one that will showcase your work the best!

Useful Resources:

Courses and qualifications for journalism – National Council for the training of Journalists

Profile of a Broadcast Journalist:

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UK regional journalism news and jobs:

Media Week – news and analysis

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