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A Hedge Fund Manager is the individual who oversees and makes decisions about the investments in a hedge fund. This requires making a detailed investment strategy that includes calculating risk and how to have a competitive advantage over rival hedge fund managers and firms.

It is a very competitive industry, made even more so by the recession. This is a career in which you need to prove yourself and your personality and resilience is very important. Your awareness of the financial industry and who is who is also really important as well as a strategic outlook to work on complex investment strategies with the top financial firms in the world.

Top Tips:

  • Know your markets. Read the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal daily, read blogs and articles within the finance industry so you know all about the big financial company and where key investments are held.
  • Building on your financial experience is key, you need to be working within the industry for a number of years before reaching Hedge Fund Manager – proving your knowledge and worth. Perhaps starting off as an analyst and then progressing to Hedge Fund Manager.
  • Get a mentor within the finance industry to guide you and your financial progression, utilise alumni from your university and your contact base within the financial industry to progress your career within Hedge Fund Management.

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