It’s not for everyone! But some of the most famous entertainers in the UK either started out or still do stand-up comedy. It is a big industry but also one which is hard to crack. No qualifications needed this is all about your personality and your entertainment skills……

Is it for you?

  • Are you actually funny?! Have some interesting and funny stories that you can build on
  • Have you got the stamina? Whether you do a residency at an entertainment venue or you tour from location to location – the schedule for a comedian can be very long and demanding
  • Are you resilient – you need to prove yourself to get on that stage and to get in with an agent and may have a lot of knock backs along the way

Top Tips:

  • Practice and Refine your act – Start small and try out your ‘act’ – on friends, family at social clubs and local venues (see below article about starting at university with your local uni comedy club and stand up nights)
  • Learn from the best – as is often quoted a good joke is all about the delivery, structure and timing – watch, listen, learn to other comedians and how they do it and to help you carve out your own ‘style’ and to bring something unique to the audiences

Useful Resources:

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