Create your unique revision plan with realistic time slots and base it around when you work best – are you an early riser or a night-owl the joy of revision is you can work at your ‘peak time’. It is YOUR timetable and choice. Just make sure you still keep to your weekly total of hours! 

Include plenty of breaks – the brain can only concentrate for 45 minutes, so break for 10-15 minutes – get some fresh air and a snack.  Do not revise more than a total of 8-10 hours a day! Your brain will stop focusing and being productive. During your non-revision time do fun stuff – see friends, go to the gym etc.
Refresh & Replenish the brain by drinking loads and loads of water (2 litres a day) plain water or herbal teas, limit yourself to 6 cups of caffeine (tea/coffee/coca cola) as after this your body becomes immune to the caffeine so it is useless. Add some brain food in to your diet for snacks and meals (try out nuts, seeds, wholegrain/brown breads, rice and pasta, tomatoes, broccoli and other really green veg plus fruit for a natural sugar boost – berries and bananas.) For your longer lunch/meal breaks award yourself with a whole hour to give the brain a full rest.

Choose your revision ‘zone’ and keep to that place as your revision den and don’t use your bed! That space is for sleeping; create your revision den in a work friendly space such as a desk or dining room table. No sofas or TV on in the background though – your revision time needs to be focused time for revision only!

Use your favourite learning style. So if you are a visual learner then do loads of mind-maps and use lots of pictures and colours (highlighters!)If you learn through listening then video-record your notes on your computer and listen back to them or match revision topics to your favourite singers and listen to that music whilst revising that topic so your brain associates it. If you are more of an emotional learner (kinaesthetic) then you learn through doing and through the journey/story of the content – you could try adding your own mnemonics or stories to content, anything that will help you remember and keep you engaged.  Learn through reading? Well make sure you are not just skimming lines that you are engaging and understanding the content as well. Everyone learns differently, so you do what works best for you. The ultimate test – could you explain the topic to a 6 year old? (without notes!)

Seek out help if you need it – ask your friends, parents or a teacher if you are stuck on certain topics or still finding it hard to get motivated then ask your parents or s super-motivated friend to help you stick to your routine and if you are brave enough get them to test you . Don’t struggle alone!

Lastly our core motto for everything – Practice, Practice, Practice do as many tests and past-papers as you can to make sure you really know your stuff.

Best of luck from #TeamCircus!

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