Picture the scene. You’ve been looking for a job for some time now. You’ve polished your CV to within an inch of its life, you’ve done some work experience for a local coffee shop and you’ve been asking around for any sign of a fresh position but alas there is nothing. It’s all too easy to give up hope at this point, however there’s still a number of things that can be done to get your foot firmly in the door. One practical and fun solution is to create your very own blog.

Having your own blog is kind of like having an online portfolio, but instead of boasting about how great you are it’s a chance for you to just be the real you.

Obviously you might want to watch your language and all that caper but as a general it can really benefit your ongoing cause. Bloggers are all unique in their styles, but they all share a handful of useful traits that are highly desired by a number of reputable companies…

  • Written Skills – For the most part blog sites consist of a variety of written content such as articles or diary entries to either inform or entertain their audience. This requires you to have good English skills such as impeccable spelling and grammar, as well as knowing how to structure paragraphs.
  • Organisational Skills – As well as demonstrating your written organisation a blog can also demonstrate other key organisational skills. For instance, if you plan on posting once a week to your page you will have to consider the topics, posting dates and posting schedule.
  • Marketing Skills – Not everyone lets on that they have a blog page as many are on a small scale, but for some having a personal blog can be quite the hobby. In conjunction to having a website you can also incorporate a bit of social media, be it a Twitter account or a Facebook page.
  • PC Skills – One thing that people forget is that running a blog means running your own site. Some pick the easy route by using pre-existing templates from sites like WordPress and editing the layout and plug in’s via a dashboard, but if you’re up for it you can always make one from scratch.

Blogs make up a sizable chunk of the web, and many big companies have their own to update and maintain. If you somehow don’t become a part of the daily grind there is always scope to become a professional blogger in the meantime. Content writers and marketers are desired by a large number of online agencies who are always in need of articles as well as other forms of outsourcing.

One example of a perfect blog site that has reached international levels is Hello Giggles, a site targeted at young women that talks about all things girly from nails and make up to fashion and cute fluffy things. It was founded by the wonderful Zooey Deschanel and since its release in May 2011 it has taken the web by storm. Aside from its celebrity heritage this blog is run extremely well and is nicely presented. It is also very down to earth making it extremely relatable which is something almost everyone wants from a blog. It even has a small shop with merchandise!

The reason why it works so amazingly well is because it’s doing exactly what the people want from it. It is informative, it is insightful and most of all it provides useful tips and advice that can be shared by all. Adapting to the needs of your chosen market is a skill that many businesses practice but very few truly perfect, making it a high desirable trait. Not only that, but grabbing and keeping the attention of a mass crowd is something many companies strive for.

To find out more about blogging, or to find the tools you need to get started, why not have a look around online for templates and inspiration. Who knows, it might help you get you the job you’ve been dreaming of!

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Amber Waddy is a blogger and content writer who has written a vast number of articles over the years, and has worked alongside various small to medium sized companies including Surge Digital, one of her closest contacts. If you wish to get a hold of Amber, why not send her a quick email?

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