“The journey for Career Circus began with a Facebook page back in 2012, where founder Saffron Rolph-Wills shared career tips and expertise with friends and family wanting to advance their careers. Since then our community of followers and clients has grown and grown, we now offer a range of career development and talent management interventions both to individuals and to organisations wanting to develop their internal talent.

Saffron brings to the table a wealth of experience in career and talent development, read her bio here and see her endorsements from people in the industry via LinkedIn


We are also a Social Enterprise!


Career Circus is a Social Enterprise, reinvesting profits back in to the business to keep the cost of services low and affordable for our individual clients. This also means we can offer a variety of free and low-cost events to develop skills in ‘early careers’ and for ‘young professionals’ – helping those that are not currently getting that advanced or specialised support through their school, college, university or employer – we do this through our Young Professionals Network #YPNetwork.

Our 7 core principles:

To be dynamic expert leaders within career development that challenge limited career imaginations, beliefs and goals

To work in partnership and collaboratively with education institutions, businesses and professional bodies to spotlight and unleash talent in our community

To provide fresh & fun training and events that are practical, useful and action focused to boost ambition and drive

To continuously design enterprising & relevant career solutions that engage people with their personal and professional development

To enhance global and transferable skills needed for a modern workforce with emerging industries and increased demand on employability

To be a reputable brand that is relied upon and trusted to get relevant results with a friendly, open, honest and approachable team

To empower others and be the best role-models for younger generations

Career Circus Community

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Want to get involved?

We always welcome people who want to write us blogs, contribute articles and resources for our community. Occasionally we also need volunteers to support our events and we are always interested to hear from qualified careers professionals and trainers that are able to work for us on a freelance basis and share our passion and ethos.

Contact Saffron direct if you are interested to get involved in any of the above opportunities.