rollercoasterWhether it is to get a new job, a big bonus or just simply trying to get to work on time and be more ‘efficient’, your career will feature in your 2013 resolution list.

But, lets be honest, can you remember what your resolutions were last year? Did you stick to them? If you are anything like me then the answer on both counts will be a resounding no. I am therefore proposing to break from the norm and to try something new for 2013 and to set a metaphorical career goal. (Stick with me I will explain….)

So, you know what a metaphor is (examples: ‘All the World is a Stage’ and ‘He is the Apple of my Eye’) a figure of speech comparing two or more things that would not normally be associated. A career metaphor is a creative way of expressing your current or aspirational career. Kerr Inkson researched this area and in his book Understanding Careers: The Metaphors of Working Lives he found some of the most regularly used career metaphors to describe ones career included: “A house of cards,” “a car stuck in the sand,” “a hall of mirrors” and a “roller-coaster ride.”

The common theme being the career as a ‘journey’. Other associated words with careers include ‘glass ceiling,’ ‘fast-track’ and that all imposing ‘career ladder’.

My challenge that I am putting to you (if you are willing to accept it!) is to shun the 2013 career resolutions and to take a more creative and visionary approach to improving your career in 2013. Take a piece of paper either write or draw your current career metaphor that most resides with you and then next to it put your aspirational career metaphor – how you would like to be describing your career this time next year.

For example at the moment your career metaphor may be the “busy bee of the office,” “fire fighting,” or “going round in circles.” Your aspirational career metaphor may be “queen bee of the office”, “Comfortable and content sat by the fire” or “sitting on the top rung of your career ladder.”

I know you like a challenge and will be up for doing something different to motivate and inspire your career. If you are happy to share your metaphors and progress then please do so by sharing an image either you have drawn or a picture in our facebook metaphor album:  You can also email us your metaphor with an explanation around how it best describes where you want your career to be and we will award some ‘Golden Admit One Tickets’ to our events for you to enjoy for FREE. Worth a go!

Best of luck for 2013.


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  1. nami,

    Great idea and I will be sharing it on my business page too as it is just as applicable for business owners like myself. Not seeing myself as a creative type I could benefit from an illustration; to bring it to life for me 🙂

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