Here are the 20 Career Tips we shared on social media during Career Circus Career Week 2014 (#C3WTalk) – Just in case you either missed some or wanted a refresher. We hope you find them useful!



CareerTip 1: Don’t give in! The temptation of writing a more than one page CV is there, we know. 1 Page can sometimes be enough. (This depends on the industry and your experience, for CV guidance, contact us.)

CareerTip 2: Make sure your cover letter tells a story about why this job and you are meant for each other.

CareerTip 3: Keep at list at hand with companies and jobs, so if they call, you can actually know what they’re on about.

CareerTip 4: Don’t send applications all over. Apply for jobs you really want, and spend 2-3 hours on each job application.


CareerTip 5: Want to move higher on the career ladder? The first step is planning your next move.

CareerTip 6: Job interview? Go for business professional unless your interviewer says differently:

CareerTip 7: 2nd Interviews are quite common these days, here’s how to deal with them:

CareerTip 8: Not found your career path yet? ”How to identify your career niche after uni (and find a job within it)”:


20 CAREER TIPS FROM CAREER CIRCUS – CAREER WEEK 2014 2CareerTip 9: Dear Entrepreneurs, start off small and simple, you won’t be taking over the world just yet!

CareerTip 10: If you work from home get a separate work space, otherwise you will never switch-off. (And we all need to switch off)

CareerTip 11: Never forget WHY you started your business, First 2 years are tough, never give up – keep going!

CareerTip 12: If you start your own thing, don’t do it all by yourself, build a team around you with varied skills.





CareerTip 13: Entrepreneurs! Collaborate and network with other businesses as much as possible.

CareerTip 14: There is no shame in asking others for help when you need it, #Entrepreneurs.

CareerTip 15: Don’t work all hours, you need downtime too – keep on having fun!

CareerTip 16: This is your opportunity to do things differently, so get creative.


CareerTip 17: Have a short summary on LinkedIn that gives a snapshot of your current role, expertise & what you look for.

CareerTip 18: Look at your LinkedIn-profile & be your own critic. Is all you have on there relevant to your career path?

CareerTip 19: Do not procrastinate: see a job you like, apply for it! Deadlines are tight.

CareerTip 20: Use our action plan to create a system of your job search, it will seem a lot easier to know what to do & when!

What one did you find most useful? Have any others to add? Please do so in the comments below!

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