How well do you know the common traits of people aged under 35?

Also known as Generation Y, Millennials and the iGeneration?

Over the last few years the chances are that you have read and been exposed to a lot of information and research on how this generation learns and what motivates them. We’re not here to throw research and survey results at you and tell you what to do to support your young talented students and workforce (although we have done some geeky research to back up our approach, if you are interested to hear about it, contact Saffron - our resident talent management geek!)

We are here to help and support you to develop your talent through interactive and engaging employability and professional level skills training, in-house workshops and masterclasses tailored to your needs and helping you to design and support apprentices, interns and newly hired graduates.

As a team of young professionals all under the age of 35 we can relate to your young talent, keeping our training fresh and modern with added quality and return on investment measures, all things that are equally as important to us and our strive to provide your staff with high quality professional career development services.

Click below to see examples on how we can help your specific talent group and then contact us to design something that meets your needs, as well as the needs of your young talent.

  • Consultancy

    We offer bespoke talent management consultancy to companies that would not otherwise be able to access or afford high corporate consultancy fees. Therefore, if you are a small charitable organisation or a fellow social enterprise then we would love to support you to develop the talent within your organisation. We can do this through:

    • Evaluating your current workforce talent pools and looking at impact and satisfaction levels. Identifying areas for development through results of a ‘Talent Audit.’

    • Completing professional development reviews with your staff and providing workshops on key areas for development.

    • If you have or would like to have young talent within your organisation we can help you recruit and develop apprentices, interns and graduates.

    • We can also help you to improve any staff development programmes you have and create ones that we identify as needed (through our internal audit) to support certain staff groups.

  • Internship and Graduate Programmes

    Whether you have established internship and graduate programmes within your organisation or are looking to start them up we can support and compliment what you already offer or help you design something new and innovative. Some examples of how we can support you:

    • Additional support during interview and selection of candidates and induction events

    • Professional Development planning workshops to set development goals, targets and identify strengths and areas to develop.

    • Masterclasses exclusive to your talent programmes on topics such as management essentials, developing a leadership style and realising professional identity and their unique brand/offering.

    • One2one coaching to work on individual self-discovery and career development throughout the programmes.

    • Group coaching and action learning to facilitate group learning, peer support and feedback

    • What next series of workshops at the end of the programme, reflecting on what they have learnt and how they will utilise that for their next steps.

  • Young Execs & Leaders

    We offer high calibre coaching programmes to individuals who are on a fast-track leadership pathway or who have been appointed to senior leadership positions at an early stage of their career.

    Young Leaders Programme: This programme supports the young leader over a 6 month period and includes:

    • 360 degree feedback from peers which then feeds into a personalised professional development plan with key actions and areas for development identified.

    • 3x individual executive level coaching sessions to work on areas identified.

    • A group reflection workshop either in-house or with other young leaders outside of the organisation to reflect on learning and development during the programme and for further peer feedback and support.

  • Enterprise Hubs & SME’S

    Working in collaboration with enterprise hubs and small start-up companies we have delivered a range of professional development solutions to suit the busy schedules of entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur or a start-up you are more than likely not going to have a HR team, let alone someone within your enterprise that specialises in learning and development, so we are here to help fill those gaps and make sure you are spending time on your own and your teams’ professional development. Not only does professional development help improve productivity and efficiency at work; it helps with motivation, happiness and retention of staff members. We can come to enterprise hubs and deliver masterclasses to your entrepreneurial members, and we also work individually with entrepreneurs/start-ups through our career coaching packages. Some examples of solutions we can offer you:

    • Professional Development Planning (what training, networking and personal development do you need to be doing in the next 3 months?).

    • Juggling Masterclass – (work, life, balance – can I really have all three?).

    • Recruiting and retaining your team – (Tips and tricks to motivating and keeping hold of talent in a small enterprise).

    • Coaching skills for entrepreneurs – (How to use coaching conversations with yourself and with your contractors/team members to keep on top of actions and to keep your business growing).

  • Group coaching

    We offer group coaching sessions to groups of between 3-12 people. These sessions focus on action planning, creating a shared vision, peer support and feedback. They are really useful for people who are on the same career journey/transition or development path and that want some additional support and discussion that is facilitated by an experienced coach. This is a great tool to learn how to support each other and work together to achieve your collective goals. Some examples of who would benefit from group coaching:

    • Work-colleagues on an intern or graduate programme that want to get the most out of their experience and learning through sharing and supporting each other.

    • A small company or group of entrepreneurs that are reviewing or setting their vision and strategy for their business (also see our Entrepreneurial page).

    • A group of friends or students in a membership group/ society planning their way forward for the group.

    Prices are dependent on how many people are in your group. Contact to book & for further info:

Get in touch

Please contact Chief Career Ringmaster Saffron Rolph-Wills to talk about what career and talent interventions you would like to put in place to support your staff and we will be happy to tailor and design workshops and programmes to suit your organisation and staff needs.