This is the third post in a whole new series on the Career Circus blog! We plan to share our favourite tools in the #TeamCircus tent with you, in a short and sweet format. If you know of some tools we might like, Marie would love to hear your suggestions. These posts will be written by different team members, so you get different angles every time!

Dealing with lots of different career enquiries on a daily basis – I’d be lost without this tool! As a Career Consultant I am expected to know something about all types of careers ranging from Architecture to Zoology and if I don’t know, then I will know where to find out – this is where One Note comes in handy.

OneNote Screenshot - Tent Tools - Career Circus Ltd

My enquiries come in all sorts of forms, over the telephone, face to face, via social media and of course email. With each enquiry I do like to follow up with clients via email just reiterating what we discussed and almost always I will put links for various websites where they can find lots of useful information relating to their career path.  

  • With each follow up email I send, I click on the One Note tab on the tool bar in my outlook email account and that piece of sent mail automatically get saved in my one note.  In there I can catergorise each mail under different headings, so for example I use careers A to E, F to J and so on, therefore if I get another career enquiry for the same type of career, I can then refer back to One Note and find the relevant information.
  • It also allows you to share your One Note file with other colleagues so if they receive different career enquiries you can check their pages for information.
  • I always like to keep up to date with new sources of career information so when I have some free time I can go into One Note and refresh the links and add any new data. It keeps my workload organised and my clients well informed to make their big career decisions!


One Note-fan yourself? Share your tips in the comments!

Natalie Lusted, Career Oracle

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