This is the second one in a whole new series on the Career Circus blog! We plan to share our favourite tools in the #TeamCircus tent with you, in a short and sweet format. If you know of some tools we might like, Marie would love to hear your suggestions. These posts will be written by different team members, so you get different angles every time!

To-Do Board - Career CircusI am a little old fashioned in the way I handle my work load. Even in today’s times where so many different apps and different technology is available in the market to help plan and work out the tasks, I still prefer a good old fashioned pin board in front of my desk.

My to-do board is divided into two sections: professional work and private work. I use post-its of different colours to differentiate between the two and write on it with colour-coded pens (for example, while using blue as normal, the red is for urgent and I use black for any work that is extra i.e., I may want to do if I have the extra time).

I have found that managing a to-do board has helped me in the following ways:

  • I find things and tasks easier to remember once I have physically written them down and they are right in front of me when I work. Unlike the apps in phones, I do not have to set reminders for them to remind me as they are constantly in front of me but without the annoying alarms and notifications!
  • Throwing the completed post-it away and re-arranging the remaining post-its gives me a sense of satisfaction as I can see how much work I am getting done and how much is remaining.

I realise the draw back of my board is that it can’t help me when I am working away from home – but I always return to it and update it at the end of the day!

#TeamCircus as a whole hopes you like this new series, and we hope you come back for more Tent Tools in the future! Grab your Bootcamp-invitation on the way out.:D

Do you prefer old school tools or apps as tools?

– Anusnigdha Business Development & Marketing Intern 

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