I used to think that writing 3-4000 word essays on a laptop while high on caffeine and whatever sugary substance was the preferred one at the time was bad. Nope! MY LIFE IS A CIRCUS #2 – APPLYING FOR JOBS IS A HEALTH RISK 1This little cushioned guy arrived in the post the other day, because my wrist apparently dislikes looking for a graduate career. I sometimes catch myself thinking that a PA might have been nice to order too, but I suspect they rarely come in student friendly prices, and they probably don’t fit in the mail either.

The thing is that after working for two separate career consulting businesses the last years, I know how important it is to write a new application for each job, and that is fine by me. However, what keeps killing my wrist is more CV-related: Online application systems, designed so that the receiving end will have a very easy job sorting through the applicants, and wrecking graduate wrists since the start of the internet.

You know what I am referring to, right? The systems that refuse to accept your carefully crafted, aesthetically pleasing .PDF or .Doc-formatted CV, and instead trick you into re-typing the whole thing in separate little boxes. I am not going to lie, I re-think applying for that particular job about three times as soon as I open one of these – they just demand too much. I usually end up filling it out in the end, but to be honest with you, I don’t like it.


The reason why I find the existence of these odd, is that I think these systems together with the assessment centres, the 3rd and 4th interviews, and putting the applicant in front of a grand jury made out of half the company, means that it is a buyers market, and makes “Graduate to be”-life hard. What happened to the “Ok, I think your head is in the right place and your references all said great things, the job is yours if you want it”-process? I see all these articles stating that it is a costly affair for companies to even start the process of finding new human resources, but I have this suspicion that when the term “Human Resources” found its way into the dictionary, we became a product rather than a member of the team. What am I trying to say here?

The drones are coming for our jobs.


Marie Mathisen is the Digital Acrobat for Career Circus Ltd, she is also in her last year studying a BA in English Literature at the University of Essex, and blogging about what to do with her life after University.

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